How to make money with a Hindi beginner blog | How to make money with a Hindi beginner blog

ways to make money using your phone

I have been working on a website for more than 4 years, and I haven’t made much money, but QQ has been added to my hands. If I add one friend a day on average, then over the past four years, there will be more than 1,000 friends. In fact, there is no With so many people added, myways to make money using your phone QQ is not grouped, it is supported by notes and chat records. To my surprise, I have changed from the yellow-haired kid who must answer every question a few years ago to the one you ask I'm absent", I won't answer the boring guy with a word.

"Animation and games have always been in the relationship between you and me, and I have you. In the face of the overwhelming anime-based mobile games, which one is better? Which one is the best comic-based game in their minds? ?Then you can never imagine an anime adapted from a game

In addition, what I’m incomparable with others is that I only thought about user experience at the beginning. I think users are very important, so I didn’t hesitate to buy a VPS with a forum in it, the price of one month It is worth the price of many online earning forums for a year or even two years! This is also the main reason that restricts me from having to promote, and it is also one of my ways to motivate myself. I think only this kind of tension and pressure can stimulate people's motivation, WeChat Adding friends to make money, I can work hard to promote instead of finding excuses for myself, being lazy! But there are other reasons for not promoting, I think at least I should test these items by myself, and release to members, some members have to buy in advance. I declined on the spot.

I tried it myself, not every time I encourage you will be successful. My experience is that if I don’t succeed, I will refresh and encourage again. Regardless of success or failure, encouragement will deduct your 2000U coins. It took me about 8 opportunities to encourage me to successfully upgrade to LV5.

The above is the place to pay attention. To explain, adminusername and password should be remembered. After you write articles and change the website, most of them are done in the background.

A forum is different from other websites. It controls the crowd very strictly, which means that only friends who are interested in a certain aspect will come to your website, become your fans, and contribute to your forum popularity. Those visitors whose purpose is not very clear are more expensive for us to convert them into core users, so we have to carefully analyze our tarways to make money using your phoneget users first. Take me as an example. My website is made online, so the visiting users have three characteristics:

In addition, in addition to the newcomer area, you can also go to other areas to make money, play games, chess, investment, mobile apps, etc., which is very rich. Recently, also launched an activity to receive rewards by playing games. The more you play, the more rewards you will get. Don’t miss it!

Can you go out to do part-time jobs during work hours, 137 online earning forums, or do you want to use your free time at work to secretly do part-time jobs on the Internet? If you are looking for a part-time job that actually works, you can go to 58 or go to the market to have a look. If you want to do a part-time job on the Internet when you have nothing to do at work, you can practice typing. By the way, you can have a little income and earn some fruit money. I sent you a Baidu letter, hoping to help you a little bit.

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